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Take A Long Walk In My World

And take a look how I see the world. My way.

20 October
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advil, airport goodbyes, american eagle, backseats, barbeques, beauty, being hypocritical for fun, being in love, being insanely insane, best friends, big words, black and white photographs, blankets, camping, car rides, coffee, cold water, community naps, cuddling, cursive, dance parties, dinner dates, double beds, eyes, far away friends, feeling safe, flip flops, fountains, fresh flowers, getting drunk, good pens, good times, happiness, hawaiian surfer style, hide & seek, holding hands, holding her hand, homemade bread, hot hot heat, hot pink, hugging, hugging tightly, human rights, inside jokes, intelligence, jimmy eat world, journals, junior senior, kissing, lakes, late-night laughing, laughing, literature, long late-night talks, long talks, love, loveland, making out, midnight adventures, morning sex, music, musical theatre, myselfness, new york city, night hikes, nights in the park, old photographs, opinions, penpals, perfection as an opinion, photography, photos i take, pink and red roses, pissing dumb people off, pixar movies, poetry, postcards, procrastinating, puddle jumping, rain, randomness, reading, real tan skin, red nailpolish, road trips, road trips with friends, running, scrapbooks, sex, sex plz, sexual innuendos, silly faces, sleeping, socialism, speaking your mind, starbucks, stimulating conversations, stolen kisses, straws, striped sweaters, striped things, summer heat, sunset, sweatbands, sweaters, swings, talking to random people, the sea, theme parties, themed parties, thinking, third eye blind, this love, trampolines, truth, trying my best, trying new things, unexpected phone calls, walking in the rain, watching stars, what ifs, witty people, words, writing.